Rubber ducking

Sometimes, the Samurai in you is wading through a big hot desert with no sight of water in the horizon. Your tongue turns sticky; legs become shaky. The mirages on the desert induce your brain to think about water. Your stamina plummets.

That is the sound of inevitability , Mr. Anderson

says the world. You have to accept defeat.

If only you can call a superhero to your help! Introducing the most powerful of all superheroes, the mighty almighty crusader from Pluto, the silent Ninja who can just watch, watch, and watch and no nothing: the Rubber Duck.

The Mightty RubberDuck

I have myself used it (with an imaginary duck of course) and , boy, the SuperHero saved my face a lot of times.

So, behold the SuperHero when you are in the downs next time around!

  • If you are married, please don’t use your spouse as a rubber duck, or else you will end up like him.

See for tips on how to use it for coding.

For developers, stackoverflow is a nice real world RubberDuck: