Derived Reactive Snapshot State with Slice OStore

Ole Ersoy
Ole Ersoy
Jan 14 · 1 min read
Image by skeeze from Pixabay


We have a Observable<boolean> that notifies when an option has been selected. It’s defined like this:

const OPTION_ONE_SELECTED = 'OPTION_ONE_SELECTED'const os:OStore = new OStore(), true)const optionOneSelected$:Observable<boolean> = os.observe(OPTION_ONE_SELECTED)

We want a snapshot (A one time synchronous value derived from the optionOneSelected$) of whether option one has been selected.


function isOptionOneSelected() {
return optionOneSelected$.pipe(take(1)).toPromise()

Now we can check whether option one has been selected like this:

async function checkIfOptionOneIsSelected() {
console.log("Is option one selected: ",
await isOptionOneSelected())


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