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  • Knut Wehr

    Knut Wehr

  • Diane Darling

    Diane Darling

    Published in 9 languages, speaker, global traveler, INFP, exceptionally curious & helpful person, Midwesterner in Boston, USA. www.LinkedIn.com/in/DianeDarling

  • Rachel Hollowgrass

    Rachel Hollowgrass

  • David J. Seifert

    David J. Seifert

    sixsteps project management business facilitation ux interaction design marketing politics technology journalism environment web apps conferencing

  • Martin Gaedt

    Martin Gaedt

    Entrepreneur. Author. Keynote Speaker. Provotainer.

  • Jan van Essen

    Jan van Essen

    Deep Tech · How to build the future? · Impact stories for sustainability · Rethinking the way we live · Transformative Innovations · Blockchain & Deep Learning

  • Ralph Hoffmann Muc

    Ralph Hoffmann Muc

  • André Cramer

    André Cramer

    Tech&Innovation Strategist — Consultant @detecon, formerly strategic partner mgmt @yahoo, productmgmt @tmobile, biz dev/partnering/strategy @deutschetelekom

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