Newer Desires

What happens after a movement occurs? What do we want after we have “fixed the wrongs”, improved the flawed, strengthened the capable? What do we wish to pursue next? Where do these new systems take us? How do we further improve our quality of life? What do we desire?

The preceding papers of 1) Newer System, and 2) Newer Money are to lay a groundwork, a base, a foundation of what things could look like. Not building on top of, not streamlined success processes, not abundant fantasy fulfillment. The things that can be, and will be done to further human life on Earth will occur organically. And likewise, we must put back what got us to where we will have arrived. We must promote a culture of sustainability. A culture of renewal. An organic, cause/effect, debit/credit, circular system of conscious regeneration and live within the means of our lives, our resources and our opportunities.

These are the basics. And like our arrival of prosperity, we will go after our wants/dreams/desires organically. No one knows what the other person wants, for sure. What someone wants one day could change dramatically the day after. It always has been and always will be, up to the individual. To give concrete advice on what a “perfect world” or “Shangri-La” type of society would or should look like would be foolish. There are philosophy books for such theorizing and you, me, anyone really, can and should study such literature and profess to others what can/should be done to move to the next step of a yet better society than the ones written about here.

We live in a fascinating world. We know so much about our surroundings, our universe, our way of life and ourselves. A core level of grounded functionality and life-enhancing reliability is what we must achieve to move in a prosperous direction for the next 100 years, the next 1,000 years, forever. It’s only yourself and the people around you. Nothing is between you and change other than air and opportunity. Seize the opportunity!

Thank you for reading.