Ever since I heard Rich Harris on The Changelog talking about developing Svelte for use in journalism and at the NY Times, I’ve wanted to learn Svelte JS.

What is Svelte?

Many folks are quick to assume that Svelte is “just another javascript framework.” While that’s not entirely wrong, there are a number of things that make Svelte very special in that space.

First, and most importantly, Svelte compiles your code into a very small, vanilla JS package without any framework built-in, eliminating the need for your users to load a large JS file to activate the shim or “virtual DOM” those frameworks…

I’m coming up on my third year at GitLab. Or as some people like to put it — I’ve been at GitLab for 1,049+ hires. GitLab has been growing rapidly, and I’ve been lucky enough to be there for three separate funding rounds.

All of that growth has been incredible to watch and be a part of. And even before I worked at GitLab, I was a large proponent of GitLab and the concept of bringing CI and CD right next to the code. …

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

I’ve spent some time exploring how to apply the concepts of CI/CD to everyday life. In my first post, I went all in — making breakfast with GitLab CI/CD as the orchestrator. In this post, I’ll tell you about a home project I undertook over the holidays: getting a Pi-hole up and running at my house. (mmmm 🥧)

Pi-hole is a great little open source tool that lets you run your own DNS server on your network and send advertisement and tracking requests to a “black hole” of, …

A big part of GitLab’s culture is saying thanks to one another for doing a great job. That can be anything from helping with a tough technical problem to simply sharing a nice coffee break call to break up the work day. One day a Sales team member thanked someone from Customer Success for a great demo of GitLab CI/CD. The customer commented afterwards, “Okay, what doesn’t GitLab do?”

Plenty of heart-themed emoji reactions followed. We’ve seen users do some pretty amazing things with GitLab CI/CD, from ramping up to weekly mobile releases to automating boring Git operations, to saving…

Last summer my wife and I bought a new house for our ever-growing family. Before we moved in, we had a couple of improvements made — wood floors to replace the aging carpet in the master bedroom, some required structural fixes. However, when we bought the house, we knew there would be a lot more we wanted to do over the years. When it came to organizing those ideas into things that need to happen sooner rather than later and those that could wait, however, we found ourselves struggling to keep all of the plans in order.

Trying to get organized

I’ve been able…

Brendan O'Leary

Developer Evangelist @GitLab. Great believer in #EveryoneCanContribute. Opinions are (obviously) my own.

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