Things I find interesting in health tech: Week of 7/10

As I take some time to figure out what is next for me post-Harken, I find myself reading… a lot. Here is a collection of the links I’ve found interesting in health tech over the past week (note things i find interesting generally fall at the intersection of digital health / health insurance / care delivery innovation).


  • Best Buy is launching an ‘Aging in Place’ service pilot in Minneapolis. Sounds like Geek Squad going in home to help install devices that help caregivers monitor family members. Sparse on details beyond the touting the typical smart home / aging in place benefits… will be curious to see how it progresses. It’s a cool idea, hopefully they give it space to breathe and grow. Link.
  • Oscar and Humana form a 50/50 Joint Venture in Nashville to sell to small businesses. This doesn’t make a ton of sense to me for Oscar, other than I imagine they are struggling to get initial uptake in the employer market and view Humana as a distribution channel into that. Will be curious to see the branding on this and how they sell to employers — between this and the Cleveland Clinic deal, it seems like Oscar is willing to dilute their brand a bit… wonder if one day they’ll go one step further just white label their infrastructure to others. It seems like this is a path they’re going to pursue more of moving forward. Link.
  • This is just confusing to me as Medica invests $34 million in the tech company that has built their admin platform. Not sure how financially that makes sense unless Medica is stuck or owns the whole thing. Link.
  • Wellframe raised a $15 million Series B from F-Prime. It’s been interesting to watch companies like this morph from ‘digital therapeutics’ into care management platforms as they’ve found their way to revenue models over the past few years… glad to see these guys hit this milestone. Link.


  • Ezra Klein and Avik Roy debated the Senate Health Bill in Klein’s podcast recently — good arguments from both the left and right on the merits of the bill. This is a super long podcast, but worth it. Link.
  • Managing dual-eligible population (Medicare & Medicaid) is key to reducing costs of the Medicaid program. Link.
  • Holistic models of managing health, i.e. models that include health coaches, present an interesting opportunity for disruption. Figuring out the financial model for these opportunities will be key (and in general lies at enabling people to practice at the top of their license). Link.
  • I am continually impressed at how Oscar is doing the little things in insurance right. Might not seem like a huge deal, but nobody else can do it. Link.
  • Roche announced it was buying diabetes management app mySugr recently. Did not realize mySugr had 1 million users. Will be curious to watch what they do with it… hopefully mySugr are able to maintain independence as planned(i.e. does Roche see this as a new revenue model or a way to funnel sales of their meters, etc). Link.


  • Essential Health Benefits represent under <10% of overall insurance premiums. Link.
  • Obamacare Exchanges continue to show signs of life as Gross Margin PMPMs (Per Member Per Month) increased from <$50 PMPM in Q1 of every year prior to $99.43 PMPM in Q1 2017. Link.
  • Rock Health published their mid year review of 2017 digital health funding review. Their definition of digital health confuses me a bit — i.e. I’d consider One Medical more relevant to the conversation than Peloton — but still an interesting and helpful report. Link.