The Best Advice I Ever Got

It wasn’t so much a “wise man giving me experienced/thought-out” advice, per se. Instead, it was a thing said to me when I was very young, probably four or five upon opening the refrigerator door at my childhood home. There were all these new things in front of me; apples, oranges, cabbage, cucumber, pineapple, strawberries…

I was going through each item & asking what each thing was to my mother in which she identified each consumable. With each item i asked: “is that a fruit? Or a vegetable?” in which she promptly responded. “Why do we have these” I inquired. “Because they are healthy!” Mom replied. “Fruits and vegetavles are all VERY healthy. Some people eat ONLY fruits and vegetables. They are called ‘vegetarians’”. She said.

Even at that young age, I remember thinking; “could *I* be a vegetarian one day?” In my mind at the time I was not thinking a vegetarian simply SUBTRACTED meat or if vegan SUBTRACTED animal products, but a “vegetarian” ADDED fruits and vegetables and ate that, and only that, uncooked, with nothing else that wasn’t a fruit or vegetable.

I gazed down at the Reese’s peanut butter cup in the fridge door (where i kept them cold) and thought to myself “when i am older, *I* will be a vegetarian”. I am now 33 and about to hit the three-year mark on vegetarianism, but not the raw foods kind. Not the kind I *WANT* my diet to be. I will get to a point, in coming years, where I am eating ONLY fruits & veggies, uncooked, and nothing else. It is a promise I made to myself at the age of four. When you make a promise to yourself at that young of an age, you don’t break it.