Adobe’s Latest Comedy Shows How Great Customer Service Isn’t So Great for Bank Robbers

Doubling down on the notion that data helps drive great consumer experiences, Adobe introduces its latest software suite with “Heist,” an amusing spot in which a bank’s customers (and staff) aren’t enjoying themselves at all.

That’s because the branch is being robbed by a bunch of dudes wearing ski masks and stockings.

In a twist, however, the gang arent having their best day either, because one of the tellers knows a little too much about them. Like their names. And that fact that one gunman is in the market for a new house, while another wants to consolidate his student loans.

Dude, when you rob a bank, especially one that uses Adobe Experience Cloud to fine-tune its pitch, you have got to remember to turn off your phone’s geolocation tracker! It’s not 2010 anymore!

“For a few years, we have been showing what happens when digital marketing goes wrong, as a sort of cautionary tale to marketers,” Adobe vp of experience marketing Alex Amado tells AdFreak. “As the campaign evolves, we wanted to switch up the creative strategy and start to show the potential of great experiences.”

Developed by Goodby Silverstein & Partners and director Steve Rogers (whose work includes Adobe’s flashy “Secret Agent” and Nike’s lauded “Snow Day”), the commercial introduces a new tagline, “Make experience your business,” in an effort to show companies that “it’s time to rethink business, and to consider how digitally enabled experiences can be improved at every customer touchpoint,” Amado says.

Targeting senior digital leaders within organizations, the ad trumpets Adobe Experience Cloud, a brand new offering designed to more closely and seamlessly connect companies and customers across various digital interactions. Experience Cloud combines Adobe’s Marketing, Advertising and Analytics Cloud products, leveraging the company’s underlying, cross-cloud architecture to unify content and data.

Now, given its high-profile data breach, some might say Adobe is taking a bit of a risk by presenting a robbery scenario of any sort. (The ad also calls to mind LifeLock’s popular bank-heist ad, which, ironically, touts cybersecurity.) Still, it’s a cute spot that does a good job of instantly communicating the potential value of Experience Cloud to businesses — and its pitfalls to careless, cloddish criminals.

“We’re employing the age-old ‘Show the benefits, not the features’ tactic,” Amado says. “The technology is powerful and flexible, and not well-suited for explanation within a commercial spot. So, we tell a much more interesting and relevant story by speaking in a language that our audience is very responsive to — the language of their own customers’ experiences.”

For a touch of extra realism, Adobe shot the spot in a Los Angeles building that used to be a bank, rather than film on a set.

“We had a discussion whether the bank facility itself should look more modern, sleek, state of the art,” says Amado. Ultimately, he says, the team decided that “some of the most important digital experiences happen on customers’ own devices, like their mobile phones. So it was better to show a location that could be any bank, which reinforces our storyline that any business, old or new, can and should start thinking like an experience business.”


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