How to build a brand new Alexa skill

Who knew it would be an online retailer that would introduce one of the most exciting coding opportunities to come along in a while? With Amazon’s Alexa — the voice recognition software that powers’s physical devices Echo, Dot, and Tap —…

Statistician Proves Gaussian Correlation Inequality. A Long-Sought Proof, Found and Almost Lost

When a German retiree proved a famous long-standing mathematical conjecture, the response was underwhelming.

In its most famous form, formulated in 1972, the GCI links probability and geometry: It places a lower bound on a player’s odds in…

Adobe’s Latest Comedy Shows How Great Customer Service Isn’t So Great for Bank Robbers

Doubling down on the notion that data helps drive great consumer experiences, Adobe introduces its latest software suite with “Heist,” an amusing spot in which a bank’s customers (and staff) aren’t enjoying themselves at all.


Overfitting — variance

Underfitting — bias

Oleg White

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