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Comin System is a global commercialization system that drastically changes the e-commerce industry. Now there is no need to go to the online store, users can easily make purchases directly on trusted websites (Affiliates). The entire offline part of the sale (order processing, delivery, logistics) is handled directly by the online store (Merchant).

Comin System widget

The Comin System allows owners of thematic resources to significantly improve the parameters of user interaction with the website by placing on the product pages descriptions context blocks with prices and reviews of real customers. Comin blocks will work to increase the popularity of thematic websites as they improve the quality of the content. It becomes less reasons to leave the website, and all actions in the widget are performed without leaving to another website.

The widget is a product card of a relevant store or several stores with current product availability, reviews and prices. The system allows you to complete the entire checkout process, with the choice of type of delivery and with a payment in various ways. For each order, the merchant pays a percentage of the value of the goods. The widget works in the pop-up window, i.e. the user does not terminate the session and does not leave the website.

You can customize the appearance of the price block (width, height, etc.). Technically, it is enough to place Comin System java-script code on the description pages, which automatically displays the widget with the right product.

Checkout in the Comin System widget

  1. After clicking on the “View details” button in the widget, a product card opens with its description, parameters and reviews.
  2. If you are ready to purchase a product, you must click on the “Buy” button to make an order.
  3. You log into your account if you are already registered in the Comin System or make registration as a new user.
  4. After logging in, the user enters the “Dashboard”, where you can check the order details and fill in the required fields with contact information, selects the payment methods:
  • Visa / Mastercard
  • Cash (cash payment means directly payment to courier upon delivery)
  • BTC

After the payment, the customer receives 1% cashback of the goods value in the IMPL cryptocurrency.

Order information can be tracked in your Comin System account.

Impleum cryptocurrency

Impleum — a platform for the creation of decentralized online services based on Blockchain (DApps). The internal cryptocurrency of the Impleum network is called IMPL. Cryptocurrency can be used as a payment in the web services that maintain it, and can be withdrawing to the exchanges where can be change to another cryptocurrency or fiat money.

Cashback withdrawal

The ammount of available IMPL coins is displayed in the Comin “User account”. In the input field, enter the address of the Impleum wallet and click the “Payout” button.
After the first IMPL withdrawal, the Cryptocurrency transaction history will be displayed in the field below.

Cryptoexchanges and services which trade IMPL:


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