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Today I am going to write a quick guide on how to create a “smart” yet very simple ChatBot for Slack. We will be using Botkit to take care of the logistics (Slack integration) and IBM Watson’s “Conversation” so that our bot can actually “understand” our messages and respond to them accordingly. At first sight this might seem somewhat complex, but it isn’t. Believe me ;)

In order to accomplish that, we will:

This post was originally published here.

Update: 2017–03–13: Added content about Databases and the now-API.

This time I want to share with you an amazing project made by Zeit, the creators of and mongoose.
Now will deploy your JavaScript (Node.js), Docker or static projects to the cloud at the speed of light. Almost all you have to do is execute one single command in the console and you will get a URL where you can see your deployed project.

I will only show how it works with a Node.js App. …

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This post was originally published here.

In this short article I will explain how to create a blog (or any other kind of website) using a static site generator called Hexo, completely built on JavaScript.
The source code will be on GitHub and will be deployed to GitHub Pages.

Configure GitHub Pages

First of all you will need a GitHub repository where you are going to store the source code for your site and later deploy it to GitHub Pages.
For those who did not hear about it yet:

GitHub Pages is a static site hosting service.
GitHub Pages is designed to host…

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