Facebook Ads – You’re Doin’ It Wrong

There are lots of ways to „Facebook” Ads – to create them on Facebook. Lots.

So What Is Wrong

The old way is to make it BIG:

  • Target as much and relevant you can
  • Raise as much as budget permits
  • Get as many reach/engagement/clicks as possible
  • Repeat, repeat. Because the client pays for that. Sometimes it pays GOOD.

The Problem Is Strategy

Many of us [advertisers] don’t even have a plan to get better results, or optimize as its possible.

Maybe just sometimes we optimize.

A strategy is a long-term plan for getting better results in time.

So What To Do?

As long as you work for the short-term result, you will have to repeat again, because this will work the same everytime.

But, by having a strategy for Ads to work better and better, it will help you by tracking each action and see if it was good or not, for your strategy.

Try one of these and it will be better soon:

  • Build paths
  • Build segments
  • Re-target & Re-market
  • Do A/B tests
  • Play with costs, audiences and KPIs
  • Watch and measure EVERYTHING

This Is How You Make It Work In Time.

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