20 Email Outreach Templates to Grow Your Business

Oleg Campbell
Apr 23 · 14 min read

Inbound sales and follow-ups

Email #1: The webinar opening

Email #2: The webinar follow-up

Email #3: The webinar final follow-up

What goes into a successful inbound email?

Outbound sales and follow-ups

Email #4: The technology they use

Email #5: Hiring intent

Email #6: Short and sweet

Email #7: Personalized to job/industry

Email #8: Valuable content

Email #9: Website visits

Email #10: The follow-up

What goes into a successful outbound email?

Staffing and recruiting emails

Email #11: From the CEO

Email #12: The personalized invitation

Email #13: Make a connection

Email #14: The quick question

Email #15: The short follow-up

What goes into effective staffing and recruiting email?

PR and link-building emails

Email #16: Help them out

Email #17: Link-building follow-up

Email #18: Pitching your personal story

Email #19: New major feature

Email #20: Interesting patterns or trends based on user behavior

What goes into an effective PR and link-building email?


Oleg Campbell

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