The Age of Apple is Over
Austin Frank

Apple’s quality and innovation are a myth

These are the three lightning cables that I own. I have numerous USB cables that I’ve owned for years that have yet to exhibit the same problems.

I’ve been using Apple products for ages. MacBooks, iPods, iPhones, iPads, you name it. Here is what I learned:

  1. OS X crashes in different, more mysterious ways than Windows. Just like Windows, the system can get into an inconsistent state. I deal daily with freeze ups, VPN bugs, bluetooth audio bugs, you name it. It is not that OS X is more stable than Windows or Apple is better than Microsoft — it simply sucks less.
  2. Apple hardware is manufactured at the same exact factories using the same exact components as everybody else. I’ve had disk drives and logic boards die on me — more than I like to count. I’ve had brand new machines die on me within 2 weeks of purchase. Each time it was a disappointment. Let’s not forget the lightning cables with insulation breaking apart like in the photo above.
  3. Apple solves wrong problems. Nobody is complaining, for example, that iPhone 5S or iPhone 6S were too thick or that the headphone’s port is too burdensome. In fact, so many people buy bumper cases for these devices that maybe they should be thicker. Many people, however, complain about the relationship they have with their wireless carriers and Internet providers. Apple also could solve the problem we all have with too many notifications in our lives — mind you, this is a problem they’ve created.

I still use and care about the future of MacBook Pro and iPad, but I switched my phone to Android and Project Fi. You know what ? My Nexus 5X running Android Nougat 7.0 is actually pretty good. When I got it, I still had my iPhone 6 for about a week and I had a chance to use them side by side. As far as I am concerned, Google solves the right problems on the Android.

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