Really? Then fix your clickbait headline for your original post:Why I switched to Android and…
Sal C

Let’s just agree that between my “click-bait” post and your responses we offer enough information for educated consumers to make their decision. You are also significantly overestimating the number of people who have read my post.

I agree with you on master keys and security and all that. I use a variety of services for my needs; I don’t use iCloud for much of anything because it doesn’t meet my needs. My Google Drive usage is primarily driven by what my employer uses. For my personal needs, I use Evernote for my writing and records, Fitbit for fitness, Adobe Creative Cloud for Photography (which is more useful on the iPad than on the iPhone), Amazon for my shopping, Playstation Network for my video gaming, and Dropbox.

I haven’t compromised anything by switching from iPhone to Android. My Android is encrypted and secure. I trust the cloud services I use, and they are as secure (or insecure) on Android as they are on the iPhone — no more and no less. Apple’s promises of security only make sense to someone who uses nothing but Apple products and services, which given Apple’s lack of innovation lately is a rare situation.

I don’t think it is that uncommon for, say, an iPhone user to rely on other cloud services in addition to or instead of the iCloud. There is no one single cloud service that anybody uses, if only because no single cloud service covers all use cases. It is irrelevant what Apple is trying to do. Unless they come up with a set of services that meets everyone’s every need and every use case, it is the consumers that should be very careful who they trust their data. The only way what Apple is doing with encryption makes any difference if you commit yourself to using nothing but Apple’s services.

In the end, what’s important to me here is that I had a writer’s block all summer, and you helped me come out of it. I now have a ton of material for my next blog post to think about.

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