She can’t leave because there’s no guarantee she will be let back in. My father, brother, and I were hoping to visit Iran soon to see our family there. I haven’t seen my aging grandmother since 2007. The anticipation of seeing her soon is now crushed.
I’m Iranian-American. This Is What Trump’s America Feels Like.
Tony Zosherafatain

Would the situation be better for your family if the immigration system was designed to help people like you bring the rest of their families to the US and therefore reduce the need to travel back to Iran?

I am curious because my family came to the US as refugees from the USSR back in the 1990s — but we came here in the entirety of our family. I don’t have anyone back in that region of the world, and I have not been back or had any desire to go back in over 20 years.

If the system was set up such that naturalized citizens could bring the rest of their families to the US in a timely fashion, would it not reduce the desire and the need of immigrants to go back to their countries of birth?

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