City of stars, are you shining just for me? (La La Land)
Jevgeni Kolessov

You had been absolutely right — twenty seconds into the first scene I realized I was going to love the movie. I didn’t care about the ending — I was just enjoying the beauty of each and every scene. Everything — from the actors’ play to colours to the way camera moves — is fascinating. One may argue that the story is too simple and even superficial, but the way it’s told and (more importantly!) shown is fantastic. It makes you feel something that you almost don’t feel in normal life. If there is such a thing as the magic of cinema — then La La Land is definitely the movie that makes that magic happen.

I totally agree with the credits you give to the creators of the movie — it is truly a masterpiece. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are amazing too, I cannot imagine anyone else playing the main roles.

Also on a separate note I’d like to add that this movie has actually two stories: the love story of Seb and Mia, and the story of pursuing one’s passion — for both Seb and Mia. And then, at the very last scene of the movie, these two stories converge — in the beautiful sad and light ending.

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