Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 “Oathbreaker”

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 “Oathbreaker” is out and there is a need to talk about. I have created a top 7 topics for discussion that has happened in this episode. To fully understand and join the discussion you need to be caught up all the way to season 6 episode 3 in the show or the need to be finished with all the books. Only then you will understand why i chose these 7 most important points of the episode to discuss.

1. Jon Snow Rebirth — I love the way they open this episode just with the sound of heavy breathing. Its Jon’s heavy breathing, and Davos is being silent, with a close up to his eyes. Oh my god his back. Jon Snow rises from the dead and people think he is the prince that was promised to save the world.

2. Tower of Joy flash back — I love the way the three eyed raven was narrating it. Bran instantly recognizes his father, but the way they explain this scene is that Bran has heard all these stories about what happened during Robert’s rebellion. But there were a couple of book changes to the way this fight went down. The big change was that Arthur Dayne had two sword, and was not using his great family sword, as stated in the books.

3. Everybody in Slaver’s Bay vs. Daneryses small council, we learn about the good masters the wise master. Basically the powers that Danerys has defeated are all teaming up to fund the sons of the harpy.

4. Little Birds — We learn about Veruses little birds, which are now Quaburn’s little birds. Also, i like how they openly address the mountain since in the books he is not the called the mountain anymore, they refer to him as Robert Strong.

5. Arya getting her eyesight back and her badass trainning to become a faceless assasign.

6. Big change from the books is that Rickon has been with the Umbers, they betrey house Stark, and they kill Shaggy dog. Because in the books they are hinding on the island of Skaggos.

7. Jon Snow killng Olly and Alliser Thorne. Also, he has left the nights watch, so the big question is will Jon Snow join Sansa in the battle with the Boltons.

So this episode is’nt as massive as the last two, no ressurections, no dead kings or destroyed houses. But still there is a lot of set up for future conflict, biggest one being that Jon Snow’s watch has ended. Also, will be very happy to see how these points will lead up to a bigger conflict in the episodes to come.