Why you don’t need to do half of the tests you’re doing on Facebook ads.

In old times we were taught to test every element of the ad: image, text, headline. It was a very true for times when we mostly used static images and didn’t have a smart optimization algorithms. So the only thing we were trying to do was to increase CTR of the ad (without misleading).

But even those days we had a significant problem with this approach. As we all know — high CTR doesn’t mean positive ROI. And when we do a test we want to use CPA as a KPI, not a CTR. But problem here is that it’s often quite hard to get enough conversions to make a statistical significant conclusion. If your CPA is not super low and a difference between A and B is not 100+% then it takes a lot of money to see a significance. A lot of marketers would get 20 sales and if A get 12 sales and B get 8 sales they would assume that A is a winner. Which is not true. They maybe equal or even B can be better. But to learn that they would need more data and to gain that data they need more time and money. A very few people are ready to do this.

The smartest thing to do here is going up to the funnel and determine a different conversion as a KPI — if this conversion has a strong correlation (you can exam it mathematically) with an ultimate goal then it may work.

But, here we’re encountering on the second problem: text and headline simply doesn’t matter. How is that? Well, if you advanced in Facebook ads you would know that a square video outperforms banner 9 times in 10. Also, now-days, mobile is a dominant source of traffic. And now the most interesting part: people go to your website not because they got hooked by headline or text — they simply clicked to play sound in your video. Yes, they didn’t mean to go to your website, but Facebook built it this way — every time person tap on a video (in most cases the video autoplays and users tap to the video if they they want to make it full-screen or they try to turn the sound on) he is redirected to your landing page. Video, in a meanwhile, keeps playing on the top of your page.

We did hundreds of tests — text or headline simply is not very effective way to affect CR. Video itself is so dominating in this process that you can hardly compose a test where text or headline would make a lot of a difference.

Instead of that I would rather recommend to test your first 3 seconds. They make a lot of a difference! As an example — here is a video where we crafted the first 5 seconds specifically to grab an attention of makeup tutorial lovers.

It’s not the only way to make you video distinguished. But think about stuff like this instead of tweaking headlines hundreds of times.