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One of the Conversion Team’s responsibilities is a web application that follows the Wizard Design Pattern. The Wizard Design Pattern implies that a user needs to fill in a lot of data in several steps to get to the end of the funnel. What the user does once or twice, our team members perform dozens or hundreds of times. Performing front-end tasks can be quite slow due to the needs of frequent data entry into the funnel.

For the sake of truth, it’s worth pointing out that there is a way to load data into a funnel for one country, but our application is a multi-country one. Such loading works in a pretty straightforward way— you only need to add a /?id=[funnel_id]

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Among the various tasks I was facing during my working day, the one I have struggled the most with is localization. Not because it’s a complicated task that requires additional skills to be completed, but because it forces you to do manual work with no automation at all. There was no tool which I could use to simplify the localization process in that time, and it made me feel like I was wasting my time with monotonous and repetitive manual actions. …

Oleksandr Reznichenko

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