Oleksii Kharkovyna
Mar 5, 2018 · 5 min read

1. Scanning instead of resumes

Sending a CV if you want to apply for the job is a typical practice. We’ve all been there, trying to come up with some “special skills”, being nervous over not so many years of experience, and so on. Even now, the process of writing job applications in order to get a spot is up and running.

  • gender (would an HR rather hire a man or a woman);
  • school that candidate attended;
  • nationality.

With a classic resume, it’s employee’s task to decide what he’s writing about. Applicant scanning, however, presumes that the applicant answers a set of questions that will help evaluate his skills in a limited time frame.

Later the answers are evaluated by artificial intelligence mechanisms, and best candidates are shortlisted.

  1. Plum.io;

2. AI can take job interviews

Furthermore, unbiased AI-interviewers can perform even better than their human analogies. The interview consists of a set of questions for each candidate. The candidate gets 10 seconds of prep time, 45 seconds to answer — and that’s it.

How does the analysis of the interview work?

That’s the best part. The candidate’s interview is recorded and run over a neural network that will analyze it by the following criteria:

  • The tone of the voice: is employee enthusiastic or indifferent about his interest to the spot or responsibilities?

3. AI can schedule meetings

A lot of people think that the most difficult task for an HR is to interview a candidate.

You don’t have to write a single email. AI can handle all of it.

4. AI can keep track of the morale

You might think you’re ready. But the truth is, you never are. It will always be a shock for you when an employee goes to your office and says “I quit”.

5. AI can coach

Coaching is one of the most promising area within which the possibilities of AI can be explored. There already are bots that can mimic the process of coaching and are pretty good at it. Not a long ago, there’s been an interesting discussion all over the Web: is it possible for AI to replace human coaching relationship?

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