Learn In Your Tweet: 15 Top AI Experts To Follow On Twitter

Oleksii Kharkovyna
Mar 16, 2018 · 5 min read

A lot of people ask me “If I want to learn artificial intelligence, whom should I follow?”. The answer is, there are a lot of awesome AI-researchers. I follow dozens of blogs, Youtube channels, listen to podcasts all the time.

But if you don’t have time for all of that, the easiest thing to do is follow an AI-expert on Twitter.

Here’s my top pick of AI-experts to follow on Twitter.

1. Jason Toy

Twitter: @jtoy

If you want to know more about deep and machine learning, Jason’s feed is the one you will want to keep reading.

He regularly shares interesting insights in tech and science. I got 100% caught up in Jason’s tweets about neuroscience and so will you.

2. Gideon Rosenblatt

Twitter: @gideonro

The ex-member of Microsoft and now a successful employee, Gideon writes about the human experience in the era of artificial intelligence.

His tweets are mostly focused on tech and AI but they are much more than just that — those are the thoughts and insights of the person with a global brain.

3. Michael Cavaretta

Twitter: @mjcavaretta

Do you want to get an expert opinion about latest insights in big data, data visualization, and machine learning? Follow Michael’s tweeter then.

He posts bits of precious advice for aspiring data scientists on daily basis. You can literally write Michael’s tweets down to create a handbook for yourself.

4. Martin Ford

Twitter: @MFordFuture

I honestly don’t think there’s a need to describe Martin’s impact in AI because all of you probably know about it. However, let me say a few words. Martin is a best-selling author for his book “Rise Of The Robots”, New York Times bestseller in 2015.

His tweets are mostly dedicated to job automation, robotics, AI, and its impact on the future state of the world.

5. Pedro Domingos

Twitter: @pmddomingos

You probably know him as an author of the book “The Master Algorithm”, a deep, comprehensive guide to machine learning.

Also, as the professor of UW. But if you follow Pedro on Twitter, you’ll also acknowledge his amazing sense of humor and the talent to notice the latest AI-insights.

6. Justin Doc Herman

Twitter: @JustinHerman

If you want to get insights from a person that has a position at the White House, Justin is the one to follow. He has a spot at White House National Science and Technology Council.

Justin’s focus is AI and machine learning. In his twitter feed, he covers the latest news and government initiatives in artificial intelligence.

7. Jason Brownlee

Twitter: @TeachTheMachine

He is the author of the book “Basics of linear algebra for machine learning”. He defines his goal as “making developers awesome at machine learning”.

Jason’s Twitter feed is a treasure, he covers key news in development and shares needed insights. I honestly don’t get the fact that a feed this awesome doesn’t have 100k followers yet.

8. Margaret Mitchell

Twitter: @mmitchell_ai

She represents one of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence research. Mostly, her impact as a scientist is centered on computer science, NLP, and cognitive science. Also, she’s given a TED talk recently, and, boy, was that a good one. You can often hear Margaret being interviewed for podcasts, visiting conferences, etc.

In her Twitter, she shares news, insights, and opinions of her colleagues regarding the aspects of computer science and artificial intelligence in particular. By following it, you’ll get the 3-dimensional view of the industry.

9. Soumith Chintala

Twitter: @soumithchintala

Were you ever wondering, who is doing big data and AI research for Facebook? The company is one of the best at those things. So, wouldn’t that be nice to get insights from a Facebook AI-researcher?

Soumith Chintala is the one. He created PyTorch, was the co-author of WGAN, and that’s hardly the full list of his impacts. On his twitter feed, Soumith shares the work news, the latest industry trends and answers questions. Following him, you’d be among the first people to know about the awesome stuff that happens in AI.

10. Richard Yonck

Twitter: @ryonck

Richard (Richard Yonck) is an AI-researcher, a futurist, an author of the best-seller “Heart Of The Machine”, and a TED-speaker. The book he wrote is considered a must-have for people who want to understand the nature of Artificial Intelligence.

He covers the matter of AI and the way it interferes with human life. Also, he is an active follower of latest news, trends, and insights, If you want to stay at the edge of AI, following Richard Yonck on Twitter will certainly come in handy.

11. CyberCode Twins

Twitter: @cybercodetwins

If you want to have something interesting to read about machine learning, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, you should follow America and Penelope Lopez. Their account, CyberCode Twins, They highlight everything you need to know about tech these days.

12. Tessa Lau

Twitter: @tessalau

Robotics is one of the fascinating parts of AI-innovation. So, why shouldn’t you follow a roboticist on Twitter? Especially the one as great as Tessa is.

On Twitter, you can follow her new posts and keep track of the upcoming talks on IT-panels.

13. Gary Marcus

Twitter: @GaryMarcus

He is one of the biggest AI-researchers, one of the pioneers in the field. In the meantime, Gary is among the strongest critiques of artificial intelligence. He was the one to ask the question “Is AI stuck in its development?”. He has an active social life, with a pile of interesting thoughts beyond artificial intelligence.

If you are looking for someone broad-minded to follow on Twitter — Garry is the right person.

14. Andy Pardoe

Twitter: @DrAndyPardoe

He is one of the top 30 AI influencers. In 2018, his book “Continuum of Intelligence” will be published. Beyond that, Andy is the founder of homeAI.info. His feed is pure gold both for business owners and scientists.

15. Oren Etzioni

Twitter: @etzioni

Oren is an AI-researcher who studies deep reasoning, reading, and learning possibilities of AI-system. He is also the CEO of Allen Institute with the focus on AI-research. Oren’s tweets have a string of deeper meaning with a touch of humor.

These are the people I recommend to follow on Twitter and whose insights I appreciate a lot. Do you have your own picks? Share them in comments.

Oleksii Kharkovyna

Written by

Bits and pieces about AI, ML, and Data Science https://www.instagram.com/miallez/

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