Here are the links to the *premium* AI/Computer Vision jobs at the top FAANG companies

Unique job opening for CVPR participants by Apple
Fill to be reached out by a recruiter from Snap

Well, that‘s great, but what does this have to do with me?

Below you can find the above-mentioned links, following which *anyone* can benefit from this lifehack, regardless of paying for the conference. I don’t say you should do anything like that, I’ll just leave them here and won’t look. (These are not referral links, I don’t make any profit of them.)









But why?

I do not support the attitude of the conferences to take money from the participants — the researchers themselves who create the conference with their content, and who allow the organizers to take money from sponsors with their presence. Furthermore, after paying $500–1000 for a “participation” (presenting their work to others) all the researchers get are only coffee-breaks and a venue. Even without lunch, not to mention the travel cost and housing.

Even the purchase of an Apple Stand looks more attractive because in that case, you get at least something for your money.



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