Afraid of Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and others listening to you? That’s all what you can do about it actually.

Is that what everyone is talking about recently: Alexa, Google Now, Siri, chatbots, AI, a new era of machine learning to make you your life simpler and deliver stunning user experience across the different channels of communications?

Such a lovely ad we get from Amazon:

But let’s get back to reality and roll back a bit. Where are all those devices and technologies coming from? I will give you a short answer: from the big players in Military, who just simply don’t need that crap technology anymore, and they throw it out for the marketers to listen to your souls.

Have you ever seen the ad on the screen of something you just talked about with your friend? Well, it’s not an accident, it’s a simple listening to your conversations. All those devices around you are listening, and they listen carefully. Every second they generate millions of data points, which get connected all around the world and then sorted into bigger data clusters. After the data got sorted by topics, gender, interests, locations and so on, it’s available for advertising targeting. Sounds creepy, right? In real life, all this data analysis and streaming to the advertising channels takes less then a dim of second. You simply can’t secure yourself from the tracking and listening.

A catch is — there is no way you can prove that someone implemented a technology in a new Android or iOS update, that will listen to every single word you say and implement it in the precise targeting solutions. I’m okay with that if this is a question of a national security, but marketing… :)

Here is the only way to get rid of tracking you by advertising data collectors: do not speak, do not use any device around you, do not touch a single tech thing ever. Impossible? It is…

Welcome to the new era of advertising, where your thoughts become a piece of a data, feeding the endless ads campaigns with new and new ideas. And the coolest invention is not the listening ability of the devices, but the way how we are trying to buy more and more of them, spending a significant amount of cash on the new technologies and gadgets.

It is funny as it gets. We pay corporations to listen to us, and to target us better with their new products, which we will buy for sure :D

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