Daily intentions for life, love and happiness…

I learned how important it is to start your day with a positive thinking. I do have a lot of intentions to think of but the subconscious mind always leads us to what we truly desire. I have listed some lessons I learned just for the past weeks with just simple but pure intentions of being grateful each day, being an inspiration, and expressing love.

“Love is such a powerful feeling that it can make us strong if handled carefully or make us weak if we lose control.”

Your goal as a person should be to grow as an individual. But the problem with some or most of us is we tend to forget it when we fail to prioritize things because of love. Love is such a powerful feeling that it can make us strong if handled carefully or make us weak if we lose control. I attended a seminar in 2003 that is called Foundations of Leadership Excellence. We did an activity to measure our love, career and health. The secret is that all must be given equal importance to make you strong and grow as a person. I’ve had relationships in the past that were only focused on love alone. What about health? And career? And other things? And so I was not content and kept looking for solutions to fulfill my happiness. The balance was not there and I lost control and stability to stand on my own that affected other areas of myself as person.

“We are the conductor of our own symphony”

I learned that happiness is not something that we depend on other people because “We are the conductor of our own symphony”. We create dreams and we make steps to reach it, this is the most basic things we learned as a child. But as we mature, we learn to love and it takes place when we surrender our feelings to someone. It gives the other person the capability to make you weak or strong, whether aware on unaware. And I think it is most painful when your loved-one uses your weakness to manipulate you, it could be the borderline whether deciding to stay in a relationship or not, nobody wants to be controlled, unless it is intended to the same direction where you want to go. That is why “It is important that we find the right match for our personalities”, according to my personal development trainer. Indeed, it is very crucial that we choose the person we fall in love with, one that inspires us is enough.

“It’s not difficult to find happiness”

The truth is happiness is everywhere. ​There are people with different understandings of love. Uses different languages of love. Other factors are also involved such as personality, culture, social environment, maybe age, and now even gender, etc. And it’s rare that we find someone that matches our views about it. But it is still possible that there is someone who is the right fit for you. It’s not difficult to find happiness. It’s attracting the right person by visualizing what you want and what you think you deserve. “Do not settle for anything less than happiness and wonderful.”

“Love is a strength and not weakness”, ​

Love is meant to make you grow. There must be something wrong when you find yourself stuck in an unhappy stage. If you ever feel weak to do the things that you want in life then you must be in the wrong place. Love is like a plant, that for it to survive it needs a nurturing environment. It needs the proper care depending on its kind. Just like people how we are different to one another. As someone who is loved he is able to withstand the difficult times because he is inspired by a loved one to grow as an individual and follow his dreams. As love is a strength and not weakness.

“Do not settle for anything less than happiness and wonderful.”

In reality we spend our time with family, friends, career, small stuffs, care for ourselves, and that includes resting when we sleep at night. That means about half of the time of our life asleep and it depends on our lifestyle too. As a child you spent time about fifteen to eighteen years of your time and the rest is when you mature and make choices. If you choose to spend time with the wrong person you waste a lot of time settling for less than what you deserve. Do not settle for anything less than happiness and wonderful. We never know how much time we have left. ​Happy Easter!


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