​Finding your Soul Purpose

The biggest question in the world may be “why are we here?” or “ why am I here?”. This is a deep question. Questioning our very existence. Many people break their head answering it. Others tend to forget to think about it, simply don’t care or have a clue. People also tend not to look within themselves for the answer.

I learned to believe that every person in the world is here to fulfill his or her Soul Purpose in life. Whether you choose to pursue it or not. It determines your happiness and how you feel about your life on a daily basis. The only thing you TRULY have in the world is the moment you live in right now. Your soul doesn’t know time. Your soul knows who you are and what you are meant for doing. It will show happiness and thankful emotions when it feels aligned with the thoughts you are having.

Your every day job should be keeping track of your thoughts bringing you the things you want. Focusing on it. Making space for it to happen in your life. Believing in it. Allowing it to come to you. Following directions. Making the next step. Seeing yourself achieving it. Being already there.

“Think the thought until you believe it. Once you believe it, it is.” — Abraham Hicks

The challenge is to keep your thoughts positive and aimed on the things that you want. It takes practice and awareness to do so, but it helps to remember that thinking negative will also create more negative things to come.

​So practice to focus on gratitude and being happy with the things you DO HAVE — including your dreams! It also helps to practice good habits every day. Ones that fit you personally. Like writing (gratitude journal), meditation, healthy cooking, exercise, listening to music, go for a walk or reading… Things that make you feel good! Allow yourself those things! Even more when you’re too busy for the things you like to be doing or when you’re not feeling so good.

Sometimes it even takes a whole life to change to get back on the right track again. I know this, because it happened to me. I chose a happy life instead of the one I was living and started to make changes step by step. When I started listening to my inner voice again and picturing the things I want in my life, happiness started to find its way coming back to me.

It took me to hit rock bottom before I knew how it worked. Now I’m just very thankful to inspire others in to taking the next step in their lives and finding their (soul) purpose.

As a child of 7–8 years old, human beings already have a perfect vision of themselves. Still very much aligned with the TRUE SELF and not caught up in distractions yet. You will have known who you are — compared to others. What your dreams, personality, wishes, allergies and core values are. You knew who you aspired to be like. Or identify with. It may not have been in the most conscious way, but you knew.

Your inner child of 7–8 years old is still within you — has been together and growing with you. It’s waiting to help! It learned from the wrong turns and enjoyed the moments you were making the right decisions. Your goal is to have contact and connection with your inner child. To know what it wants. Having connection with all that you are.

There will be many distractions when becoming adolescent and — even more — reaching adulthood. Money. Power. Social status. Luxury. Alcohol, sex, drugs. Competition. Disappointments. Maybe heartbreaks. Or other trauma. When you don’t dare to believe anymore. Maybe pretend to be someone else so you don’t get hurt.

These distractions make it hard to stay true to yourself and to remain aware of what you want in life. Truth is that your focus should be on your happiness. On the small things that bring you happiness. Making space for good things and allow them to come to you this way.

You can ONLY be happy if you choose to allow ONLY the things coming to you that belong in your life. This means losing attachment of everything! Your ONLY attachment should be your Soul Purpose. It will come to you as a dream. As a whisper when you meditate. When you just sit and relax. Enjoying a gentle breeze. Singing in the shower. Or doing the dishes. When you walk in nature. Or nurturing your plants and flowers.
 It will ALWAYS whisper — just quietly — and NEVER shout it out loud. It’s up to you to develop the consciousness to hear it. It comes to when you’re happy and thankful. It will be clear and loud enough to hear or to see the vision of what you want. That’s it!
 It will also come to you when you feel completely broken. When you lost all hope and believe. Just break down, cry and surrender yourself to God, an Angel or the Universe to help. Asking for a sign of what your soul desires. And trust that it will come. If you trust IT WILL COME!

Important is to make yourself free from attachment to control clarity around timing, form and any other expectation. Wish, dream and picture yourself like you’re already there. Like it’s already yours. It will come to you in the most wonderful and unexpected ways. Believing is the key in this. So believe in miracles Believe that wonderful things can happen for you. Believe that you are worthy of all this! And when you’re not capable of believing yet. That’s ok too! Tears will fall eventually. Making clear for you what you really want.

You are not born to struggle. To feel less than anyone else. To feel hurt or unappreciated. You are not born to live in survival mode. To be working at a dead-end job that you don’t truly care about. Not to please others or prove yourself worthy. And not to show you are the best at anything.

The only reason you are born is to find alignment with your soul purpose. To bring your Soul to its Purpose. To shine. To contribute to the world around you in a way that only YOU can. You are no accident or mistake. Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes and has a reason and perfect balance for everything!

You are here to complete your journey. Taking one baby step at a time. Aligned and supported by the whole Universe to complete your mission. Affecting the whole world around you doing so. You’ll be adding your piece to the puzzle and creating a domino effect for other great things to happen. You’ll be at your most happy, peaceful and thankful state of being. Making yourself complete. Fulfilling yourself. Just being you. In the way you’re always intended to be.

You will overcome all your fears. Choose to let go of everything and just receive back what is meant for you. Easy or hard. Small or big. Step by step. Obstacles will come. Life WILL test you. In your belief. Your perseverance. Testing HOW MUCH it means to you and if you’ll be ready to receive the TRUE TREASURES of your life.

If you manage to stay true to who you are; even when it means risking to lose everything you have….risking everything for ‘just a dream’….you’ll find yourself on the right track.
 Keep going!
 Don’t forget to be thankful and make place to allow all these new improvements in your life.
 Keep making baby steps!
 You’ll find a purpose in every one of them.
 Still keep making the next step!
 Because it will keep you finding the most wonderful things.
 Make every step together with your soul — leading it to its purpose.
 Find the endless happiness of hidden treasures that life brings you this way.
 Find your Soul Purpose.


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