Life is about the little things

​There are moments in our lives that leave great impact in our memories. We remember times in our childhood that describe what being a child is about. Times when we can be pleased easily with simple things like ice cream, candies and praises from our parents. And then the big space where we used to live in becomes smaller as we grow older. Family is no longer the only people that we know. We meet other people, see other places and discover how big the world is. We are excited to grow up and experience the best part of the teenage years. With first love. First heartbreak. First job. Or consider a lot first lessons learned in life. But we are subconcious that those will only be the first few parts of our life’s story.

​”Enjoy the little things in life and you’ll one day realize that those are the big things” -Anonymous

We are bound to face more responsibilities as we approach adulthood. We plan for something bigger like getting that job, getting promoted, traveling the world and all the wildest dreams we could ever imagine. Luxury. Power. Fame. We work hard to reach our goals. Make more plans for the future. And so we take the little things for granted. Whether your life is already successful or not, at whatever stage you are at this point, please notice the little things! Because by the time you’ll reflect on your life someday, you will realize that those times were the biggest moments!

“Today will never come again. Do what makes your soul happy” — Anonymous

The little things are found here and now. It is the time and chance given to you to build your future. Are you aware of how you feel when you do things you’re interested in? Playing a musical instrument, play a sport that you like, write a nice article or making your loved-ones feel good. It’s in the “here and now”. The defining moments that have become part of your memory. Every second of your life counts! Do not waste it. Live as if there is no room for sadness and be healthy in all aspects. Use “here and now” wisely. It is the very first thing available to you to make your life beautiful.

“I told you so! Sincerely,
​Your intuition”- Anonymous

Not all the things we do remain in our memory. Those little things that we remember could sometimes be the choices we made because we listened to our inner voice. It could also be the signs that we considered because they were felt by our intuitions. We may not be aware how it is leading us on the path of what our heart truly desires. The little things are whispers from our subconscious mind, guiding us in the right direction. When you came to realize that you achieved something big that used to be a dream before, it was because of your choices. It could have gone a different way if you ignored these signs and messages from your intuition. Learn to listen because sometimes those little suggestions are the most certain things that you will have!

“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”- Anonymous

In a leadership training, there was an activity to realize what truly matters in the end. Participants were asked how likely are they to be prepared when letting go of the biggest things in their life. It could be family, relationship, health, dreams or something else. About 95% of participants struggled with these emotionally with unresolved issues with their loved-ones. Little things that are usually being ignored, delayed, or not given importance. But in the end, those little things will be the most significant actions for you to do. The tiniest steps like simple acts of kindness or a leap of faith will serve as your ticket to life’s fulfillment. Do it while you still have time.

The importance of the little things is that they teach us life lessons. It greatly affects our being because the little things that we tend to neglect are the pieces that are keeping us away of being whole as a person. Love. Passion. Patience. Courage and so on..are the values in the little things. What makes them big, is that they’re actually helping us get to where we should be. Life is full of surprises! Appreciate it! As only when we are grateful, we find happiness in the little things…


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