Crimbo-I enjoy this new word

It was the first lesson after New Year with Marina. I called it “a hard English lesson”. Why? I was late for 15 min. We had a problem with the Internet, but some interesting things we still discussed.

What do you think we talked about?!

Yes, you’re right! About Christmas, presents and traditions!

Firstly, we discussed our Christmas weekends. After that, I found out about GB and American traditions. Now, I know that Christmas pudding is the best dessert for Brits. I have never heard about Crimbo. Do you know that British people call the 25th of December in such a way?

British have a shopping day after Christmas. Their Christmas tree can stay only for 12 days. Kids in GB write letters to Father Christmas and toss them into the fire. Some traditions are very strange for Ukrainians and it seems to me that it’s mutually :)

Marina, thanks a lot for new information. If I ever be in GB, I will prepare crackers and roasted turkey for my guests ;)

Hope this year will be easy with all happiness and inspiration!