Collect user feedback or die
Erik Raudsepp

Hey, Eric. The feedback form works when the people receiving the feedback are ready to act upon that feedback. I have stumbled upon a case with Prisma (, where you can sign up for their shop membership (Konto) and have it linked to your national ID card. Pretty neat. But once you enter all the details and select the language, all the entered details just vanish. Give it a try yourself. Now imagine your grandparents would be going through the same process and how disappointed they would be, once they see their input deleted. 
When I was going through this, I saw there is a FEEDBACK link on the right. Hell, I used a couple of minutes of my life and wrote them a letter. Later on I have sent a 2nd letter with better explanations. And what they replied was: Oh, now we get it. But at this point it will stay that way.

Just wanted to share it with you after I saw the skype screenshot, since I realized you are also from Estonia. 
PS: Does anyone know any high level managers from Prisma chain? I sure wish they would make the change and tell that manager that she is dumb. Period.

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