Be Simple, Be Genuine

“Simple, genuine goodness is the best capital to found the business of this life upon. It lasts when fame and money fail, and is the only riches we can take out of this world with us.”- Little People, Louisa May Alcott

I am so disappointed with this world sometimes.. I look at people and I wonder why why in the world would they do certain things.. Like why would people choose to do bad instead of good… why do people work so hard on the material things that they literally lose themselves instead of working hard on things of their own soul.. Like why people do not put effort into themselves? Yes, I know we are created into this world that is awful… mean… ugly… people are not fair… the world is just not fair… BUT we still have a freedom of choice… a freedom to choose good for ourselves and do good to others… But look at this world.. people are selfish, only looking out for themselves. They only care about feelings of their own.. People often don’t care what they say.. and what they say HURTS… I look deeply and I just can’t find a rational reasoning… It just really makes me sad… God has created us with a such beautiful plan in His mind and we choose to follow the one that hates us.. wants to destroy us.. WHY DO PEOPLE CONSTANTLY DO THIS? It does not make sense in my mind…

People are dishonest with each other… covering up the mess they made of their lives to seem better to others… but the truth is, everyone has some sort of mess that they carry around deeply in their hearts… and then instead of working them out most choose to lie to themselves… to live this life of a stranger… not your own… It would be so much better if people were just honest… if you are hurting deeply, I wish you could tell someone and not be afraid of the instant judgement… thought of differently… failing someone… It’s like a constant loop… I think people are afraid… so we continue living in our houses… afraid of letting someone in… afraid of the judgement…

And why are we so mean to each other? Life is hard already and having someone look at you with anger and say harsh words… it breaks me… it breaks people…

Why can’t we just understand this… We literally have 100 years to live… for some less… and we choose to be bad? BE mean? Break people?

Why can’t we choose to uplift one another… to say kind words… to see good in people… to shine God’s love on others… This, I believe, would change this place and if not at least this would change your heart… my heart.. it only takes one.

I don’t know… I just wish life was like God intended for it to be… beautiful. LOVING. honest. and simple.