You guys, I am taking ID Professional Practices class at RMCAD that has been so inspirational to me and we always do fun activities in it like mock up interviews, working on our resumes, cover letters, visual boards, learning about different cultures and how they differ in business world… yeah and we also go to visit local design firms, museums, and see different speakers… it has been so inspiring!

Last week, the assignment was so great for quick brainstorming- so useful for quick client meetings as most of the time clients do not have time to sit and wait on you to come up with the design ideas. So we were assigned a particular room of the home and had to write up a quick client profile and then present 3 design ideas that the client can see and get inspired by as well.

I was assigned the great room/living room area. Automatically, I thought of the client that is young and creative and that would like a space that he/she could easily relax or entertain a group of people in.

I do not know why, but lately I have been gravitating towards more of the urban bohemian looks for my designs therefore, to make it quick on myself– we only had an hour to “design” and create boards– I pulled all my photos and pieces from Urban Outfitters. Yep, my favorite place.

So here are my little brainstorming ideas that each feature that same vibe of Urban Bohemian look yet showcasing a certain color palette or shape.

In this one, I really was obsessing over having some sort of life in the living area by having tons of plants and/or minty, mustard, rugged color scheme. I just love the lightness that these create– kind of makes your mind rest.

In this visual board, I really wanted to play with color and geometric shapes that the furniture or patterns create through out the space. There are triangles, circles, rectangles, textures… you name it… it is all here. I am personally in love with that round coffee table (we are purchasing this one for our own living room soon..yay)

And the very top board (Breathe Mountains) was kind of a mixture of the two other boards… I wanted to give a client some color yet keep it airy with using lots of white. I love how blues and teals match… and that woven rug… to die for! This is exactly what mountains feel like- breathable, tons of texture and natural tones (blues, greens, grays).

Well my fellow designers, I hope this was somewhat inspiring for you as it was to me!! It totally made me want to redesign my own space!



Photos: UrbanOutfitters