How The Tractor Ruined Farming

Cover photo by Alfonso Benayas.

Matt Rothe cares more about how we grow our food than anyone I’ve ever met. He grew up on a conventional corn farm in Colorado and always dreamt of one day becoming a farmer himself.

But he is not a farmer.

He is a lecturer at Stanford, in the heart of Silicon Valley, far far away from the Colorado family farm.

What’s stopping him? The Tractor.

Not only is the tractor along with other agricultural innovations like irrigation, fertilizer and pesticides meant to support farmers and their livelihood, keeping Matt from farming. It is ruining farming as we know it, slowly depleting the earth of all its nutrition.

This is a story about someone who has experienced first hand the negative impact of modern farming technologies and has realized how they will impact our ability to grow food.

Listen below.

Learn more about Matt and his work at the FEED Collaborative here.

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