Kalemat by Arabian Oud — A brief fragrance review

Kalemat by Arabian Oud 100 ml Eau de Parfum

(This is a brief review of Kalemat. For a more detailed review and analysis, you may click here.)

A beautiful fragrance presented in a beautiful packaging!

When you open the book-shaped solid box you discover a gorgeous looking 100 ml glass flanker with kalemat (in Arabic) embossed in acrylic covering the entire body of the bottle.

Beautiful packaging of Kalemat

The first spray usually doesn’t yield much to your senses. After about 2–3 sprays you are treated to an lovely sweet juice with gourmand like quality to it. The fragrance appears sophisticated, rich and highly refined just like woven cashmere silk.

Kalemat by Arabian Oud is a oriental fragrance for women and men under the niche category. of With top notes of blueberry and anise; middle notes are rosemary, cashmere wood and floral notes. This is supported by the base of musk, amber and honey.

This monolithic linear fragrance is Intensely sweet, honeyed, gourmand, animalic. Mildly spicy due to a detected presence of cinnamon notes.

There are few perfumes that fall in similar genre such as 1 Million by Paco Rabanne and few others such as Tobacco Collection Intense Dark by Zara. However, in terms of olfactory properties observed by an average consumer, we have perfumes such as Raghba by Lattafa, Just Oud Boulevard by Lattafa and 24 Gold by ScentStory.

Kalemat projects very mildly hence no offense expected. If the environment is hot and humid do expect a little extra projection. Sillage is low to moderate as well so don’t expect to leave a long trail of olfactory magic behind. Since, this has little projection, with 2~3 sprays you shouldn’t be invading the olfactory territory of your co-workers at the office.

The scent lasts about 8–10 hours on cloth (detectable) and about 4 hours as skin scent.

I won’t recommend a blind buy but if you are into spicy gourmand animalic fragrances, chances are that you might end up liking this.

My Rating:

1. Scent — 4/5
2. Sillage & Projection — 3/5
3. Longevity — 3.5/5
4. Presentation — 4.5/5
Overall — 3.75/5

(This is a brief review of Kalemat. For a more detailed review and analysis, you may click here.)

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