Nedjma — by Abdul Karim Al Faransi: A Fragrance Review

Nejdma (stars) by Abdul Karim Al Faransi (

Starts off intensely floral, Nedjma is almost like a grand bouquet of fresh flowers. This oriental scent from the house of Abdul Karim Al Faransi is strong enough to leave a nice trail behind you as you move about your daily chores. Along with a good sillage the projection is impressive too.

‘Najm’ means ‘star’ in Arabic. The theme with Nedjma is to evoke the feeling of contentment and calmness for the one who adorns this scent.

A starry night evokes a feeling of magnificence, grandeur and glory. There is this mysterious depth of darkness in the background against which the countless stars shine in full glory. As humans our only reaction upon viewing this spectacle is that of wonder and awe and we have always been an eternal spectator to this extravaganza. This feeling is, what I believe, the perfume artist is trying to paint in our minds with his creation — Nedjma.

The first sniff of this fragrance is the sniff of happiness. This has the ability to lift up your spirits and alter your mood instantly after a long and a tiring day.

Once you are back home from work take a nice warm shower and apply Nedjma to the base of your neck on either side and of course your pulse points. Then wait for the magic to happen!

You get instantly transported to a blooming garden of jasmines, roses and other exotic flowers. The initial burst of freshness is, in part, due to well blended citruses that announce the oncoming volley of florals. The first few minutes will make you feel as if you’ve just bathed with the most expensive soap in the world.

Olfactory description according to AKAF’s website:
Lemon, Pronounced Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Mandarin orange, Tea, Bergamot, Plum, Ylang-Ylang, Cedar, Precious woods, Honey, Sandalwood, Amber, Agarwood, ​​​​​Vanilla, Musk

My impressions

My nose detects Ylang-ylang in all it’s beauty. For those who have not taken a sniff of Ylang-ylang, it smells sweet, aromatic narcotic, intensely floral with bit of a fruity vibe and it very close to bright jasmine. Ylang-ylang has a relaxing effect on human psyche as mentioned in various scientific papers. I don’t get much of honey, amber or agarwood here. Perhaps they there in the background just like the texture on a canvas. I don’t get much of woods either.

One interesting addition to this is ‘tea’. That is a wonderful idea to incorporate tea in this heady concoction. Thankfully, tea is not present in the foreground of this fairly linear fragrance that doesn’t change the notes much over time.

With the bright florals painting the whole canvas this oriental fragrance leans a bit towards the feminine side. A woman in her late 40s, dressed up in her ethnic outfit and ready for some event will find this a great accessory.

If orange and bergamot were pronounced in the foreground, then it would have been a fragrance which men would have also found of much utility. But, that would have ruined this perfect composition by making it tart-floral. Perhaps, not that great an idea.

This fragrance is offered as a concentrated perfume oil and can be brought from

If you are in the Eastern side of the globe, you can shoot a mail to Mr Sikander Zari (sikander.zari[@] who will ensure that you get to sniff some heavenly stuff.

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