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Olga Volkova
3 min readSep 19, 2018

Education made different at OpenClassrooms

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A few years back I got extremely interested in Interaction Design (IxD) and even had thoughts of making it my primary vocation instead of Software Engineering. I read loads of books and tutorials on the subject, explored an array of tools, went to numerous meet-ups. Over the course of a few months my interest grew so much that I found myself wanting to get a formal degree. So I started researching my options…

There was basically one — in person education at one of the traditional educational institutions. That typically requires relocation, attending classes on a schedule and following curriculum that often does not reflect the real world for the most part.

I didn’t have any major responsibilities and could afford taking a break from employment to pursue this new venture, however I decided against it.

But what if instead I had an alternative?

OpenClassrooms — education made different

If you desire a slight diversion in your career or craving a full professional makeover backed by a formal degree — OpenClassrooms — an online learning platform holds the key!

You already know you can learn remotely. There are plenty of courses available. You can learn a vast array of things online. Let’s take software development as an example, you can learn ins and outs of any programming language there is. You learn technical elements and only when you start your working experience little by little you start figuring out how to apply your knowledge to solve problems. Oh wait, employers would rather hire those who already know how to apply their knowledge and require as little hand holding as possible.

So, what’s the problem? — the DIRECTION!

Let’s reverse:

  • To establish yourself in a workforce you need specific SKILLS.
  • The best way to acquire skills is to gain experience in real life situations doing real PROJECTS.
  • To complete the projects you need specific knowledge which you can obtain by completing relevant COURSES.
  • While going through the process, learning, evolving and improving, you can benefit from guidance and support from currently operating professionals through MENTORSHIP.

This is the teaching approach offered at OpenClassrooms!

The direction is one of the key elements that sets OpenClassrooms apart from the rest of online platforms.

And here’s the missing puzzle — OpenClassrooms offers a composition of educational elements designed to prepare you for real life work experiences that’s called PATH. By successfully completing a path you can be qualified for a diploma level degree!

And, voila — study remotely at your own pace, acquire real life skills using mentors’ assistance and receive a formal degree!

Are you curious?

Checkout a vast selection of diploma paths on OpenClassrooms.

Perhaps you are a fan of Apple products and thinking it’d be cool to make an app that makes a dent in the Universe?

Photo by Vivek Kumar on Unsplash

Explore the iOS developer path! It was my honour to author the specialty courses within this path.

Ready to create an entertaining fully functioning app in just a few hours?Immerse yourself in the iOS environment — wink-wink;)

If you decide to test out individual courses or go full speed and pursue a degree, I’d love to hear from you — let me know how it goes for you!

Good luck!