Ideas are everywhere — too many or too few?

App-ward thinking

“closeup photo of iPhone on MacBook Pro” by Vivek Kumar on Unsplash

Do you find it challenging picking ideas? Do you have too many or too few ideas to explore?

I’ll permit myself to dismiss the latter on a spot. Ideas are everywhere and by definition that results into TOO MANY ideas!

Here’re a few to mention:

  • Reading an e-book and can’t properly take & retrieve notes? — there could be a system to manage that better!
  • Interested in nutrition and feeling overwhelmed with loads of complicated resources? — there could be a simple guide that helps along the way!
  • Need to plan a sophisticated trip with complex criteria? — there could be an app for it!
There could be an app for it! — Wink;)

An app at a time

As I currently focus on mobile app development, I decided to pick one idea at a time and implement it to an experimental point, which means:

  • Deliver simple sufficient functionality to solve a select problem.
  • Learn something new in the three areas: Technical solution, Subject matter, Marketing & sales.
  • Observe the results and iterate upon received feedback.

The journey thus far

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