Job search— think different

Alternative way to move forward

Dislike your job? Have an unqualified manager? Annoying coworkers? Too many responsibilities? Unreasonable schedule? Low pay? The list may go on forever consuming most of our energy day after day.

We tend to approach changing jobs starting with a search for openings, then apply to a bunch, see what comes back, interview, accept, get started, assess if it is to our liking. Stay there for some time or a long time.

Now what? — Back to square one. Dislike your job?…

Let’s pause for a second. And divert our energy to moving forward a different way. How about we choose what we like first?

Answer three simple questions

  • Describe what you want to do there
  • Research a person who works at that company and does the same or similar to what you want to do

Perform one simple action

Discover a world of possibilities

  • Maybe they have an opening or a potential for one in the future;
  • Maybe after learning about your interests and skills they will direct you to another organization or individual or point you to a different industry or specialty altogether.

Rinse & Repeat.

Some tips along the way:

Tip#1: Keep your cool.

Tip#2: Network when you are not in an urge to get a job.

Tip#3: Iterate.

What’s your next move?

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