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Olga Volkova
May 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Alternative way to move forward

Dislike your job? Have an unqualified manager? Annoying coworkers? Too many responsibilities? Unreasonable schedule? Low pay? The list may go on forever consuming most of our energy day after day.

We tend to approach changing jobs starting with a search for openings, then apply to a bunch, see what comes back, interview, accept, get started, assess if it is to our liking. Stay there for some time or a long time.

Now what? — Back to square one. Dislike your job?…

Let’s pause for a second. And divert our energy to moving forward a different way. How about we choose what we like first?

Answer three simple questions

  • Name a company you want to work with

Perform one simple action

  • Ask that person for a coffee or connect online if they are remote

Discover a world of possibilities

  • Maybe their role is not what you assumed it was, maybe it involves doing things you dislike, maybe it involves doing things you didn’t imagine possible for you to do too playing that role;

Rinse & Repeat.

Some tips along the way:

Tip#1: Keep your cool.

The goal of each networking encounter is to expand your knowledge, connect and develop relationships. This means to project relaxed emotions, not a worry of wanting a job. Getting a job will follow.

Tip#2: Network when you are not in an urge to get a job.

Initiate and maintain your relationships when you don’t need anything in return. Some connections may translate in a great outcome years after being initiated.

Tip#3: Iterate.

Revisit and refine your dream situation as you are building your network. And remember to always Write it down.

What’s your next move?

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