As a woman in VC, I am always happy to see these discussions around bias and investing.
Freada Kapor Klein

Freeda, I will be bragging, but as I understand it, you can not make in this world without it. I was modest for over 25 years and now I have not much to lose and a lot of people who I can help. My kids are almost grown 24 and 17 so it’s only me and heck with it.

As a woman in Silicon Valley I read stories of all women, who faced some sort of bias based on number of things and ageism is one of them. It’s just “great” when someone looks at you head to toe and tell you that his car “is too fancy to drive to San Jose”. I think in my life it was a point when I told myself “ if they can do it why not me”. So I went all in and we opened with an amazing team of Advisors ACTIONSPOT ( My dream is to make a space where EVERYONE ( not only Google, Stanford and etc.) can work and succeed, where we help talent to break glass ceiling. You can not imagine how many amazing people I meet and some just need help or guidance and no one gives them a time of the day, looking for the next big thing. I know ( that gut feeling when you know that you are right)some of can make it and be not only great investment, but they have also business professionalism and integrity. Granted, many are not from Silicon Valley Google/Uber pool, but boy they “DREAM BIG”. So here I am writing this letter openly and thinking “what if she actually will read it” and respond. All in all we are very young, babies and it’s risky, but “WHAT IF?” and we will succeed co-working space and lean startup incubator in San Jose.

There is always need to be balance in everything and team of founders and investors can still win but everyone needs to remember that every one of us “works to live” not “lives to work”. So cheers go to entrepreneurs who made it without adopting the attitude which is poisonous.

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