What’s up with the end of The Hunger Games?

Like Peeta does through the film, upon leaving the movie theatre I had to keep asking myself “real or not real?”


A bomb goes off, it kills Prim, it hurts Katniss. She wakes to a world where the Capitol has surrounded to the Rebels. Up until then, Mockingjay Part 2 was mediocre but fine. The rest, I only hoped that the author and producers were setting the plot up to make yet another film out of the last — the one with the real ending.

It all seemed like a mocking dream. The rebels making themselves at home in Snow’s mansion. The Queen opening up her arms in a plea(?) for Katniss to shoot her. It’s all good and roses in the end: democracy wins, “or so they said on TV over dinner”. Katniss is kindly asked to retire to the countryside in District 12. Where is her mother in all of this? Where is everyone?

Then, Peeta appears out of the blue with ‘Prim’ flowers. Katniss feels lonely in her bed and so one night she sneaks into his #oldhabits. I wish he had strangled her then; that would have made for a better ending. Instead, they have babies.

No. No. No. I refuse. We all know that Katniss loves Gale, since — always. But in times of war there is no time for love. There was always so much pressure on her to be an image, complete with that of Peeta’s. She could not afford to show her love for Gale even though she did a terrible job at it.

How do these two lovers end up? They act to each other like strangers. The last time they speak there is so much space between them that I’m surprised they didn’t have to shout. No explanation and no resolution.

Katniss doesn’t even ‘choose’ Peeta. It’s a geographical thing. There is no one else in that f*****g town to snuggle. She’s wearing a sweet floral dress in the final scene. Katniss never liked wearing dresses, not even the ones made out of fireworks that Caesar used to design. She is a hunter.

Now. She wanted to die. And she had to, she is a martyr kind of hero, she knew that death was her destiny and she longed for it. So, in a perfect world, we would have an alternative ending of that kind. Such as:

“At the doors of Snow’s mansion, both Katniss and Gale get kidnapped. They have time to kiss and she tells him that she loves him, that she always has and that it has always been him. She breaks free just in time to shoot him death before the guards do. Prim dies. She then ventures into the mansion, her soul gone — she is a ‘woman on fire’, and manages through all the obstacles to get to Snow and kill him. Then she takes the death pill. The love between these characters is reincarnated into a democracy after the chaos subsides.”

If there is no happy ending with Katniss dying* then: strike me, make a point, end with a boom. I am this close to switching it all around with the cropping tool:

“As Katniss approaches the doors of Snow’s mansion, loosing hope in humanity –in the midst of death and hurt children, who have just been attacked by the rebels, and knowing that Gale awaits an unpleasant ending– a bomb explodes killing Prim, the one person she needed to protect the most. The Mockingjay is hit too and lies there in flames, as if death. In this alternative ending, she actually is.

Here, we cut to black. Then write:

Katniss Everdeen and his sister Prim Everdeen died in the evening of October 23, 2553.

Panem mourns their loss, now under the rule of President Alma Coin.

The 76th Hunger Games returned the following year, under the name of The Everdeen Loot. Some of the players included the grandchildren of big names from the Capitol.

Family members are always welcome to volunteer on their place.

The End. Please.

*In a beautiful world, we would actually have Katniss and Gale running away to a life in the woods, as Gale suggested a long time ago, because democracy can also feel somewhat polluted.