Communication Boosters — Relationship Therapy Exercises For Improving Couples Communication

A common reason that many people don’t get their personal issues resolved is they underestimate the importance of positive communication. The quality of communication has the power to establish a bridge of love and trust between the couples or to create a gap that would be much difficult to fill. Even a single negative word can change the mind of your better-half or can turn the conversation into the conflict. So, understanding the importance of this crucial aspect of the relationship, you must try to rejoice your communication with the feelings that would work for improving and strengthening your relationship.

While talking about the relationship improvement and strengthening, therapy is the option that most of the people think about. And, undoubtedly, it is the best solution as the numerous relationship therapy exercises make the individuals understand the need of little changes they should bring in their behavior and the effective ways of incorporating those changes into their behavior. These exercises cover all aspects of the relationships but in this write-up, we are going to discuss the therapy exercises that would impact your way of communication with your partner.

Relationship Therapy Exercises to Enhance Communication

  • Listening attentively

The foremost thing that will let you become an attentive listener is active listening. It not only makes the conversation easy but also lets you deepen your understanding of how your partner feels and thinks. The listener needs to keep patience and try to address his partner’s feelings rather than just reacting to his talk.

  • Sharing Freely and Unlimitedly

More you will share with each other, the closer you will come. And this sharing of feelings should be done without any fear. People have preferences for feeling comfortable while sharing their feelings. For an instance, some need a quite and specific environment to share particular feelings and some want their partner to behave in a particular way while they share. So, it is crucial to understand that what makes you and your better-half share feelings freely.

  • Complaining But not Blaming

No one is perfect; your partner may be having some habits that you don’t like. The thing you need to understand is it is his/her nature and you cannot change it totally, though little changes are possible. And those changes will only be possible when you will tell your better-half about them.

So, you can complain about those habits but in a way that would not let your partner feel you are blaming him.

  • Discussing the Matter That Leads to Conflicts

Conflicts are the big hurdles in the way of communication because when conflicts lead to arguments, no one wants to discuss them again and start the argument. And in such a case, couples reduce their communication or stop talking about that conflict. But that’s not right. It is necessary to talk about the issue if you want to resolve it. So, try to resolve the issues soon after they arrive, otherwise, they will stay deep in your heart and will affect your relationship negatively. Active listening, positive language and keeping your ego aside are some of the things that will help you in resolving those issues.

  • Conversing Using Cute Nicknames and Code Words

If you want to add some lovely things to your conversation than you can call each other by using cute nicknames which no other person can use for you. And define some code words that you will mostly use while conversing. Such little things will do a lot to bring you closer.

You will definitely feel the difference after working on these exercises but adhering to them will be little difficult if you have never tried them before or have serious conflicts with your partner. But you don’t need to worry. There are many well-reputed therapists for couples in Rockville from whom you can seek the relationship therapy and learn the ways to adhere to the above given exercises.