Are You a Spiritual Person?

In the evolving consciousness wave, the term “spirituality” or “mindfulness” becomes more and more common. But what does it really mean to be mindful? What does it mean to be spiritual?

Well, over time it became absolutely clear to me, why I call myself a mindful woman and why spirituality plays a huge role in my life: you can call it mindfulness, spirituality, love, religion, god, awakening, home-coming, faith — pick a word of your choice and give it an individual meaning of your own. But maybe you can agree with the following points, which were always in the front lines along my way of the “awakening”. Individually for me spirituality means the intention to become a better person. Spirituality is my personal overall term for the choice of being the best version of myself. Here are the most important points, which helped me along the way to come closer to my divine nature:

Spirituality means self-awareness

It’s my favorite point. Self-awareness is the most interesting game there is. I love all the lessons, which I am blessed to receive daily. I love to analyze them and apply them, seeing how I become a master of my life. Every person I meet and every situation in my life is there to teach me something. It is exactly tailored for me to see where I can grow and what holds me back.

As I became more self aware, I really felt how love is filling my life up. I learned to clearly differ how love feels to me (and it feels freaking awesome), when I act and think from a place of love. Once I’ve caught the vibrations of love, it became impossible to go back to low vibrations like jealousy or hatred. I overcame many unpleasant situations with loving them. When somebody is bringing me out of the concept, I send love to that person and all the unpleasant feelings fade away naturally. I find love everywhere. There’s everywhere place for love in my life and it suddenly makes life so easy and beautiful.

Spirituality means liberation

The big benefit — or maybe it’s even the most important characteristic trait of spirituality — is that there are no rules or limitations. You know that you can practice with your mind and body whatever you want. You liberate yourself from social boundaries and from the destroying terms of what is socially “normal”. I started to behave closer to my natural intuition, without worrying too much about what others might think of me. As long as I am in balance with what I do, think or say — who can judge me? And not following the expectations of others, but act “childish” from within feels so liberating to me.

Spirituality means curiosity

The more I liberated myself from the boundaries, the more curious I became. Curiosity occurs everywhere in my life, especially when it comes to my mind and body, as I’ve learned, that those are the only two aspects I’m able to control. I started to experiment with nutrition and with the power of my thoughts and my spoken words. And the results are incredible. My body and my mind both are transforming constantly.

Spirituality means letting go of fears

What makes us the most unhappy, is the fear of our future and the fear which comes with accepting our past. We can’t control, change or predict both — so what remains is accepting and letting go. I really started to look forward to the unknown and embrace everything what comes into my life with a big dose of gratitude. Now I have enough courage to do what I want. For example, I was extremly affraid to publish my blog. I was affraid to follow my passions (although I have a “real” job and a degree) and dive into something completely different. But with the growing self-awareness and spirituality I become fearless and accordingly unstoppable. Overcoming fears makes me so much stronger.

Spirituality means gratitude

And I’m talking about gratitude for the “good” and the “bad”. I learned, that the shortest way to have a clear mind and to let go of every possible situation is to be grateful and to love it as it is. I’m grateful for my ex who hurt me so much, I’m grateful for people who tried to put me down, I’m grateful for the jobs I didn’t enjoy, I’m grateful for the publications I have, I’m grateful for the unconditional support I enjoy, I’m grateful for being healthy, and so on. Spirituality taught me to be grateful for everything.

Spirituality means constant change

I started to see, that everybody and everything around me, including myself, is changing constanly. Keeping in mind, that eveything and everybody is a constant change, made my life easier. Our cells and our minds are changing every second. Accepting that the only constant is change made my grudges, fears, judgements and worries fade away.

Spirituality means unconditionality

Conditions bring troubles and expectations, with the outcome of unfairness and grudges. Expecting gratitude leads nowhere. That’s why I learned to either support, love and give unconditionally, from the bottom of my heart — or not at all. Undonditionality is pure mastery.

Spirituality means self-acceptance

Day by day I accept myself more and more with all the flaws and imperfections and really start to love myself in an unconditional, liberated and grateful way. With this love I opened a magic space within — so other people can see, feel and love me as I am. And I love them as they are. Self-awareness helps me accepting, that all I judge in other people is the best mirror of myself. We judge what we are.

Spirituality means serving

The nine points above lead me to this most important point. I choose to serve and support other people by being the best version of myself and acting from a place of love. As I started to show my unconditionality, grateness, love, support in a playful way — magic keeps on streaming into my life. The universe rewards me every day.

Being “spiritual”, “god”, “mindful” or just a cool dude is a choice everybody can make every second. It’s a choice to be a loving, helping, caring and liberated person. By being exactly who we are, by being our most divine selves, we’re making this world a much, much better place. We are making space for love, magic and freedom.

Originally published at on March 16, 2016.