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I am doing a coworking tour around the United Kingdom. I started my journey in London and I will finish it in Edinburgh.

So, for my last day in London, I met with Hannah, community manager of Impact Hub King’s Cross.

What strikes me the most when you enter in an Impact Hub is this amazing feeling, to be part of a vibrant community, which is a big challenge for such a big group.

Actually, what started as a single hub in London in 2005 is now a diverse network of over 15 000 members in 80 locations around the world ! Although each Impact Hub is independent with its own unique community and particularities, all have the same purpose: taking action to make an impact. …

In London, I met with Jeya from 42 ACRES. Many thanks to Florian, founder of The DO School for the introduction. Jeya had created such a unique and positive place in London for good-doers!

Let’s discover together this amazing energy in this fabulous space!

‘’ Having spent a lot of time working among different social entrepreneurs in my previous career, I saw the benefit and the power of putting like-minded people together. The desire to bring like-minded people who are creating change together in a space everyday was more the primary motivation rather than starting a coworking space. That’s why the events that we run are equally as important as the coworking part. The coworking part was just a perfect solution as to how we bring people together and how we can keep it going financially. …

Hello amazing entrepreneurs,

Welcome to the BumbleBee Project : my coworking tour around the United Kingdom.

My first step is London. I am in love with the creative atmosphere of this city.

On my first day, I met with Juliet, the Clear Village Community Manager at Small Works Victoria. Managed by Clear Village, Small Works is a social enterprise hub that delivers community projects, signposting and personal development opportunities to residents.

It’s an interesting self-sustaining model built on reciprocity.

Let’s see how it works !

Clear Village are “Creative regeneration specialists” meaning that they work with with social landlords, local councils and community groups to bring durable change to communities. …

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