I have gathered that dating apps are a wholly ineffectual and inefficient way to meet your potential mate.
Swipe Fatigue: How online dating is failing us
Jasmine Sachar

I met my husband on Tinder so I’ll defend dating apps until the day I die. Many of my friends met their mate on an app or a website, too.

Judging from your second paragraph, it sounds like you wanted to live life like a television show and tried to convey that cool, interesting girl image via your profile rather being more “you.” That’s a lot of dating. It takes time to get to know someone so if you’re going on a date with 25 people, how do you get to know any of them?

“Two people go into a date with the pressure of knowing that there must be something romantic right away or there isn’t anything at all.”

Maybe that’s the problem, of approaching the dates as a one-end all. I showed up drunk for the first two dates with my future husband. I think he felt the same.

I disagree with your closing line. Sometimes, yes, things arrive unexpectedly but sometimes, you have to work hard to find what you’re looking for and then work hard to keep it.

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