We’re all just swiping, crossing fingers, and pissed off the person we met on our phone two hours ago is not our soul mate.
Dating is dead
The Angry Therapist

My husband and I met on Tinder. It had a bad rap when we first got together, it seems to have lessened by now. I think it’s what works for you, how much you’re willing to give a try. I got asked for a same day date (a no in my book), said yes. We grabbed a drink, not dinner (also a no in my book) He didn’t even wait with me for my train (also a big no — it was nearly midnight!) Despite all the no’s, we had a second date and another and another. We got married this year. I didn’t go into it thinking he’d be my soul mate. My best friend is dating right now, to no luck. She refuses to budge off all her no’s. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Of course not. But if you don’t bend a little somewhere, who knows what you’ll be missing?