Smart Containers-high-tech containers and smart logistics.

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Blockchain and smart contracts have brought changes to the world, contributing to the the economy and various infrastructures development from medicine to the entertainment industry. With the help of decentralized technologies, autonomous systems are created, functioning without intermediaries, more reliable, efficient and transparent.
Such systems increase customer confidence and allow companies to reduce costs, providing limitless opportunities for business expansion.
Meanwhile, the logistics and distribution processes require extensive teamwork and are accompanied by cumbersome paperwork with invoices, licenses, transportation conditions and invoices, as well as e-mail flow. In addition, logistics administration is more expensive than execution.

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Using blockchain to transform the sector of logistics, allows to get a fully integrated single ecosystem, available to all industry players.
This will make the logistics more intelligent, customer-oriented and productive.
The swiss supplier of ultra-modern and high technology containers Smart Containers Group develops blockchain based autonomous containers, taking logistics to a fundamentally new level.

Smart Containers May Revolutionize The Logistics Field.

The heart of eco-system are IOT technologies and software that allow to track containers around the world. The goal is to eliminate unnecessary links in the supply chain : tons of paper and endless streams of emails, by automating billing through the use of smart contracts on the blockchain.

The company has two divisions: SkyCell and FoodGuardian.

The first is the largest container supplier for the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to a combination of high-tech service and innovative software.
Department FoodGuardian supplies containers of new generation for transporting heat-sensitive food products over long distances, allowing to preserve their freshness for a long time. At present the company focused on software:

  • Transactions automation using smart contracts and cryptocurrencies;
  • Integration of blockchain will make it transparent and easier to track equipment for stakeholders;
  • Formation of the first standalone cargo containers, fully software-controlled.

How The Technology Works?

The container or parcel will be displayed in the blockchain as a virtual chip ,which will be available to each user for a minimum fee. In addition, to the chip can be various supporting documents attached, available to the supplier and the buyer, as well as for contractors and customs officers.

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The Ecosystem and The Future Goals of Smart Containers Project.

Smart Containers Group is committed to expanding its business to meet the requirements of the global pharmaceutical and food market. To implement this task, the company produces two tokens: SMARC and LOGI.
SMARC tokens are intended to pay dividends to token holders in the amount of 20% of the company’s revenue. Implementation of token SMARC aimed at expanding SkyCell and FoodGuardians.
The second project of the company is aimed at the transformation of logistics. For this purpose, the LOGI CHAIN blockchain ecosystem will be created. Utility-LOGI tokens will support the LOGI CHAIN economy.
Smart Containers Group has a working business and in just five years rose from zero, becoming one of the industry leaders. The company has successfully raised more than $ 25 million from private investors and is entering the ICO for rapid business expansion, covering new territories and customers.

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