The previous week was pretty short ,but anyway I learned a lot of new words&phrases. We started learning the sounds what animals, people go. And it’s a little bit strange and I can say that it’s pretty difficult to remember all this sounds.Also we learned different home remedies for various conditions.


To roar- реветь,рычать

To groan-стонать,тяжело вздыхать

To creak- скрипеть

To bang- ударить,стукнуть

To click- щелкать

To sneeze- чихать

To hiccup- икать

To swallow- глотать

To suck- сосать

To lick-лизать

To rumble/growl —рычать

To burp- рычать

To digest- переваривать

To wink- подмигивать

To grin and bear it- просто смириться и продолжить работу

To tremble(with fear)- дрожать от страха

To shiver(with cold) —дрожать от холода

No sweat! -Без проблем

To chirp- чирикать

To neigh(about horses) —ржать

To grunt(about pigs)- хрюкать


  • We had to provide the Russian subtitles for the trailer “House M.D.” It was very interesting but also difficult because you should think twice before writing the translation.


The Spring Midterms are coming and we must revise all the material to prepare for it. I think I should start the revising already now to pass midterms tests very well.


On Saturday Rita,Kate and I went to the movies to watch the incredible film “Split”. Oh MY Gosh, it was amazing. I liked it very much😍😍😍😍😍 I’m just speechless. This film is fascinating, a little bit scary, funny,intriguing at the same time. This film makes to think about the people who are not like everyone else. Also this film is based on real events.

James McAvoy is just awesome 💞 I hope James he will get as many awards as possible at 2018 Oscars.

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