This week we studied only three days, but nevertheless I’ve learned some new words & phrases :

Hot dog rolls- булочки для сосисок

Let alone smth- не говоря уже о том,что

Frugal- экономный

Don’t I know it- мне ли этого не знать

Mortgage- ипотека

I’m through- с меня хватит

No offense!- None taken.- Без обид — Никто и не обижается

Case in point- что и требовалось доказать

Due date — дата родов

To have a ball — отлично повеселиться

A party animal — тусовщик

To live it up- прожигать жизнь

To live life in the fast lane- жить на полную катушку

To take a quick snooze- вздремнуть

To loosen up — расслабиться

While away the days doing smth.— коротать дни, делая что-то


Eventually, I’ve read the book “The Song of Roland” from my World Literature Course list.


My main challenge now is to read almost 900 pages of the book “The Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel” by Thursday. Of course, it’s pretty easy but only when you have lots of time on your hands.

We were tasked to watch the first eleven minutes of Disney’s animation film “Aladdin” and and as we watched , tried to write down as much as we could from the episode. So, I want to say I completed this task quite well. The most difficult thing for me was to make out the lyrics of the songs.


20 things I enjoy 😍

  1. Giving my family/friends presents🎁
  2. Playing with children 👧👦
  3. The smell of new books and reading them 📚
  4. Re-watching my favorite films📺
  5. Searching new films and songs 🎥
  6. Roses 🌹
  7. The pandas( these animals, and also pictures wth pandas, videos about pandas etc.) 🐼
  8. Going somewhere by car/by train and looking out the window 🚗🚞
  9. Listening to music using headphones 🎧
  10. Eating the homemade food and fast food 🍗🍟🍔🍕
  11. Cakes, chocolate, lemons, strawberry , watermelons and pineapples🍫 🍋🍍🍓🍰🍉🎂
  12. Learning foreign languages 🇰🇷🇯🇵🇬🇧🇵🇷
  13. Learning something new about the culture of different countries 🎎🏈🎃
  14. Listening various songs and hearing the words and phrases that we have learned at our classes 🎵
  15. Going to the movies/ the theater with my friends🎬
  16. Camping 🏕⛺
  17. Cycling/skating/badminton 🚴⛸🏸
  18. Celebrating holidays with my family🎉🎈
  19. Going to the amusement park🎡🎢
  20. Listening to how people play musical instruments 🎷🎸🎹🎻
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