Last four weeks


That week we continued to study Food Vocabulary, so I’ve learnded a lot cool phrases :

to grab a bite to eat- перекусить

takeout food- еда на вынос

“For here or to go?” — будете есть здесь или с собой

to eat up- доедать

to gobble up — заглотить

to wolf down- глотать


a doggy bag- контейнер для остатков из ресторана

put luck- ужин в складчину

to pig out on smth. = to stuff one’s face- объедаться

food for thought — пища для размышлений

to bring home the bacon- зарабатывать на хлеб etc.

I think I don’t have any achievements but now I have a lot of challenges and goals.

As the finals are coming I’m gonna set myself some goals:

  • to do at least 2 or 3 exercises from the Training Package each week
  • to do some exercises and learn some idioms for Latin each week
  • and, of course, revise all the material for Literature


On Sunday Rita (had her birthday on Thursday) and I celebrated our 18th birthdays. It was awesome! Honestly, I don’t really like any celebrations, I’m getting tireв because of people very fast. But birthday is a holiday that we should celebrate with our family and friends. So, thanks everyone again, thanks for that day! I LOVE YOU ALL!
Just look at these wonderful photos.

My lovely girls decided to surprise me and wrote me congratulations on the road that we can see from our windows. It was so glad to see it in the morning ❤
Also, my dear parents came over to congratulate me on my birthday, I was so happy !!!!

The presents from Ms. B and my best friend!! ❤
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