Murder on the Orient Express

Some of my groupmates and I chose the book “Murder on the orient express” by Agatha Christie to read as a part of our pleasure reading classes. Our team had never read such genre before, so we decided to start reading this book because we had read the annotation to this book and found it interesting.

And now we have gotten an assignment to choose a quotation from our pleasure reading book that awoke thoughts or emotions in us. To be honest, it was very hard for me to choose a quote. First of all, there are almost no philosophical thoughts, I think. It’s a detective story and all the events and thoughts of the characters are connected with a description of the crime, some different details of the case. I haven’t found any quotes that could really grab me but I had several options that interested me.

I have chosen the phrase of the detective Hercule Poirot “She is an elderly lady. She has more strength in her will as in her arm.” I really liked this one. It is held that the elderly people are the weakest human beings. On the one hand, it’s true. Because with the advent of old age, the forces go away and these people can do little without someone’s help. But on the other hand, we shouldn’t forget about their life experience, knowledge and authority. They can be weak physically, but strong morally (can have a strong will). So, basing on their knowledge, they are able to overcome various obstacles.

I’m glad that we chose this book for reading because the storyis becoming more exciting and intriguing. You are trying to draw parallels between the characters and guess who the murder is. It seems to you that you understand everything and know the right answer but it’s the main trap because everything is not what it seems.