On Thursday we presented an episode from the TV-show “Friends”. It was very fun. At first our groups presented the episode in English, it was pretty exciting. But we when got a task to act out the episode in Russian, everybody was laughing because it was hilarious. Also it was quite difficult because we understood all the jokes but it was pretty hard to translate them into Russian properly. And as for my discoveries I have learned some new words& phrases both from this episode and our handouts:

Layers- слои

Custard-заварной крем

To sneak a taste- попробовать

Shepherd’s Pie- картофельная запеканка с мясом

Deserted(island)- необитаемый (остров)

To baffle — сбивать с толку

Super rich- очень калорийный

Disfunctional (family)- неблагополучная (семья)

Let alone- не говоря уже о…

Pot-roast — тушеное мясо

To comparison- сравнивать при покупке

To nuke — разогревать в микроволновке

Disposable plates- одноразовая посуда

Nourishment- питание

To wash down- запивать

Granola — мюсли etc.

Unfortunately, I have only one achievement: we made oone dialog for out Finals. Hurray! But generally I don’t have any achievements, moreover I have fails. I haven’t achieved my main goal, I didn’t do the exercises from the Training Package. And it’s awful! So this week I again set goals for myself, it also will be my challenges :

  • to take the grammar and vocabulary test on “Food and Cooking”
  • to make at least 3 dialogs for the Finals
  • to revise all the grammar material for Latin


We’re starting a new topic about shopping and money, so we have already gotten a task to create our own mind map “Money”. So here it is.

Also I’d like to share with you that lately I have started to take photos of the sunsets, the night sky etc. I don’t know why, I just like it. The sky is always so different, and I admire that. I think I can look at this forever. It just makes me calm and helps me to distract and forget about some problems.

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